We invite the young pianists to take part in the John Field international Piano Competition. The goal of the competition is to return to the big stage music from both the Irish composer himself and his followers. The Irishman by origin, John Field is a founder of the piano school in Russia, which was distinguished by its lyricism, melodiousness, expressiveness as well as technique and virtuosity. The manner of John Field’s playing was compared to the Italian belcanto.

Followers of the John Field piano school were famous Russian composers and musicians: Dubuque, Glinka, Guriliov, Aliabyev, Verstovsky, Meyer, Gerke, Villuan, Dargomyzhsky. Followers of the disciples of John Field were Balakiriev, Zverev, Tchaikovsky, Rubinstein, Ziloti, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Goldenweiser and others. Also Chopin, who was also a follower of John Field.

John Field is a strong link between Russia and Ireland in the world of classical music.

The competition was initiated by the Russian pianist Viktor Ryabchikov, organised by Irish non-profit organization Russian Bridge with the support of Louth County Art Council, Ireland.

To request further information about next competition, please, email us to russianbridge.ie@gmail.com

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